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Placement in Juried Festivals & Contests

  • Top 25 Finalist, SheNYC Summer Festival, SheNYC Arts, New York City, 2019

  • Finalist, Rave Theater Festival, founded by Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Ken Davenport, New York City, 2019 

  • On Coverfly's The Red List following an entry in a Screencraft Stage Play Contest: In Common ranked as the #3 Musical Stage Play over the past year and #12 Musical over the past month, December 2022

Accolades on Script & Score

  • "You've created an intriguing and interweaving narrative here with a really stellar score to support it. Your piece has a ton of heart (which will draw in audiences of all stripes) and a mystery at its heart that will hopefully keep audiences engaged and guessing throughout the piece. Looking at our main trio in the family, one of the wonderful things about them is that you have absolutely captured the essence of a family in crisis, and all of the players are immediately recognizable and easily understood by the audience. The music in this show is an absolute joy to listen to. All of your tunes feel absolutely appropriate to the tone and context of the script. Your composing team has a great sense of how to wrap up the theatrical/character-centric along with rock and pop sensibilities (in a way that very nicely echoes shows like WAITRESS) by giving us a group of songs that are specific to your tale, but universally approachable and enjoyable." ~ Director of Creative Development, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, New York City, June 2018

  • "The music is lovely....there's a lot of drama....a lot of potential."  ~ Artistic Director, New Musicals Inc., Los Angeles, September 2018 

  • "The songs and use of songs in this musical are great....they will surely have a fan favorite on their hands."  ~ feedback from script analyst, ScreenCraft Stage Play Contest, Los Angeles, October 2018

  • "Overall this writer has a clear knack for writing humorous dialogue, lovable characters, uplifting tunes and entertaining plots. This play manages to address deep topics in a lighthearted, accessible tone."   - feedback from script analyst, ScreenCraft Stage Play Contest, Los Angeles, September 2020

  • "IN COMMON has many strengths that help shape it into a moving, cathartic musical. While the songs themselves are quite strong (many of them feel almost poetic), what's even more compelling about the script is the way in which the script slowly reveals the connections among all the disparate characters" - feedback from The Writers Lab, 2023 WeScreenplay entry

Development & Production History

  • Act One Workshop, Randolph College for the Performing Arts, 2018

  • Act One Staged Reading, Kingston Storefront Fringe Festival, 2019

  • Acts One & Two Workshop, St. Lawrence College, 2019

  • Staged Workshop Presentation, St. Lawrence College cast & creative team, Royal Theatre, 2019

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